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 "Have you lost your mind?"

 But I wanted to do a little more. So I put together a slightly outrageous offer.

“Listening to Marie’s relaxation is a wonderful way to end my day."

Heather, newly pregnant 

“I love these relaxations."

Kimberly, expecting a baby boy 

“Being pregnant gave me many reasons to worry. Using the album  allowed me to relax and focus on what was really important, my baby."

Melissa, first pregnancy 

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For the first time, we've put my most popular and well-loved guided relaxations together in a single digital collection.

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Expecting moms say...

"Usually it takes me forever to fall asleep, with this I'm out like a light"

Sarah, 6 months pregnant

"In just 10 minutes a day this allowed me to let go of my thoughts and just be present with my baby as she grew inside me."

Kate, first baby

"It transformed the way I felt during pregnancy."

Ariel, new mom

"I've become calmer and happier as these relaxations help me to trust my body."

Brianna, expecting a rainbow baby


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Pregnancy Relaxation Album 

In digital format

The ENTIRE Album 


"Totally new to meditation , but this has made it easy. So grateful for the peace it's brought me."

Kira, 6 months pregnant

"LOVE. LOVE.LOVE this album.  I look forward to it daily."

Rachel, 5 months pregnant

"My baseline is pretty anxious; these recordings have made a huge difference.  I love using them to naturally calm my emotions."

Jill, 7 months pregnant

Mallory, expecting her first baby


"The relaxations made me more confident and provided great moments of relaxation."

Jenelle, expecting for 2nd time

All together you get...


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About Marie
When Marie was 13 years old, her teacher lead the class in a guided meditation.  She was hooked!

She started creating her own meditations.  Even convincing her grade 10 English teacher to allow her to lead the class in an imaginative journey rather than writing a paper.  She got an A on that assignment.

She went to become a teacher, yoga instructor and clinical hypnotherapist.

After a challenging first pregnant & birth, she used her talent for guided meditation to help her next baby come into the world with ease and grace. 

She vowed that every women should have access to these tools; for herself and her baby.

She's still making good on that promise.

About the Album

The album tracks are like a LULLABY to your nervous system – allowing you to replace stress with wellbeing.

And really – who doesn’t want to feel more RELAXED during pregnancy?

But maybe the word meditation makes you feel like this will be too hard or too weird...

Just think of it as imagery or DAY-DREAMING WITH A GUIDE.

We all innately know how to daydream – it’s just that sometimes those daydreams can spiral into worry and even doom and gloom scenarios.    

A guided relaxation allows your mind to FOCUS on the good stuff!

The more we can dial down stress and worry, and increase wellbeing, the more resilience we have to deal with the rest of what life throws our way.

Plus as a digital album, you’ll be able to listen right away and access it anytime you are ready to clear your mind, open your heart, and feel good.

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Assist you in creating more peace and ease in pregnancy.

Lovingly deepen your bond with your baby before birth.

Ease your fears around birth.

Allow you to create a unique meditation experience. 

Multiple tracks including pregnancy affirmations, prenatal relaxation and birth visualization.

 This guided relaxation album will: